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3 Tips for Self-Publishing Authors Writing in Niche Markets

When referring to books, a niche is a highly specific subgenre. Typically, niche books will be picked up by people looking for a particular topic.

One example of a niche market would be non-fiction books on cake decorating.

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When authors are writing books for a specific limited audience, particularly a sub-genre of non-fiction, they need to take a different marketing approach than their fellow self-publishing genre fiction writers.

1. Focused Social Media

Social media is a great way for self-publishing authors to connect with readers, but authors of niche books have to approach social media slightly differently.

While genre fiction authors need to find significant sources of hungry readers, niche writers need to find people interested in their niche, whether or not those people are also typically bibliophiles.

People interested in a niche who aren’t typically readers may still pick up books related to their interests. With this goal in mind, self-publishing authors of niche books should keep their book’s highly specific subgenre at the forefront of their social media posts.

While genre fiction writers might post about their writing process, niche writers must focus more on their content. For instance, an author of a cake decorating book should have a social media presence that is overwhelmingly cake related.

2.  Go Where YOUR Audience is

Local author events and library book signings aren’t the places for most self-publishing niche authors. Readers are there but aren’t likely to be niche readers.

Instead, self-publishing niche authors should be at conventions, trade shows, and specialty stores related to their books.

3.  Position Yourself as an Expert

If an author’s niche is within non-fiction, they should attempt to present themselves as experts. This can be done by presenting at clubs, groups, and professional organizations related to the niche. This allows the author to connect with potential readers and position their book at the forefront of niche-related conversations.

Self-publishing niche authors need to plan their marketing differently than genre fiction authors. They must constantly be mindful of their niche as they prepare to print a book. This can include a custom book cover that will stand out to their potential reader pool.

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