3 Tips for Writing in 1st Person for Self-publishing Authors

Choosing the point of view (POV)  for a story is one of the most critical choices a writer can make in their storytelling. 1st person POV is a popular choice. When done correctly, 1st person has the benefit of giving the reader deep insight into a character. Here are 3 tips for using 1st person POV.

1. Choose the Right Story

1st person POV is excellent for writing character-focused stories such as romance. It is also frequently used in the mystery genre so the author can better control the clues the reader is receiving. It can work in other genres too but the self-publishing author needs to remember that the reader’s knowledge is limited to what the character knows. For instance, the self-publishing writer of a science fiction novel might want to explain to the reader the inner workings of the spaceship’s circuitry but for that to work in 1st person the narrating character must have a reason to understand the circuitry themselves or have a reason another character would explain it to them. Continue reading

3 Tips for Creating Your 2024 Business Calendar

Despite the rise in electronic calendars, people still use wall calendars for both functional and decorative purposes. They are an inexpensive way for businesses to show appreciation to clients and staff, keep their business in customers’ thoughts, and spread the word about their brand. Here are three tips for creating a calendar for your business.

1. Be Intentional

There are many ways a business might choose to use a calendar, and being aware of what the calendar’s intent is matters. Continue reading