5 Tips for Self-Publishing Authors Writing Fantasy

Fantasy is a subgenre of Speculative Fiction in which the reader is introduced to another world. In some cases, that world may appear very much like the real world but have elements of magic or other unreal things. Some fantasy books are entirely in another world with much different rules and systems than the one the reader lives in. Fantasy is a popular fiction genre and one that many self-publishing authors are drawn to. Here are 5 tips for self-publishing authors writing in the fantasy genre. Continue reading

5 Tips for Editing Your Novel as a Self-Publishing Author

Editing a novel is not for the faint of heart but it is a vital step that self-publishing authors need to take before printing a book. Here are 5 tips to help the editing process go as smoothly as possible.

1. Let it Sit

Many authors want to start with edits the moment they have written The End. Unfortunately, that often means they are too close to the writing and unable to detect its flaws. They remember what they were trying to say and may not see areas where readers might be confused. Continue reading