How to Publish Your Own Book

Publishing a book with can be a very rewarding experience. Instantpublisher is here to help you in every step of the way of [how-to-get-published]. With great customer service and easy to follow templates and guides, self publishing has never been easier.

How to Publish Your Book, Step-by-Step:
The steps we recommend taking to start your book publishing process are as follows. Note: This is meant to be a process for beginners to walkthrough the whole book publishing process and more experienced publishers can simply go straight to uploading and ordering.

1. Register with so you can have access to your member page.

2. Typeset your book into your favorite word processing software It is best to know the size of book you would like to publish before starting as it will save you some time in the long run. If you already have your book typeset simply enter the new margins and page size into your existing document.

Margin Requirements and Templates:
You can find margin requirements and [templates].

1) Pricing Guidelines to Publish Your Book—
Now it is time to price your book, as you should have a good understanding of how many pages you have and the book sizes. The Instantpublisher [pricing calculator] is set up for advanced and beginner publishers. If you do not understand one of the terms on the pricing calculator, click the folder open icon this will explain the option that is offered. The default settings on the pricing calculator are set to paperback binding with color cover sized 5.5″ x8.5″ which is one of the most common books produced. If this is the type of book you want to publish simply enter your page and copy count and you will see pricing on the left hand screen.

2) Cover Design—
The next step will be cover design. It is time to make the decision of whether you will design the cover yourself, pick a stock IP design or have one of our cover designers do the work for you. With IP standard and customer provided color covers only costing $.25 per book this is the most popular option. We offer a selection of pre-designed covers to choose from where you can enter your book information located here. You may also choose to design your own cover in which case you can find your cover templates here. Cover design is one of the hardest parts of self publishing which is the reason offers standard covers and custom cover design services. A basic cover design package is offered for $65 which includes 1 hour cover design time and 2 free online proofs most covers can be completed with this package. For more intricate covers we offer the premium cover design service for $120 which includes 2 hours of cover design service and unlimited online proofs. [InstantPublisher has seasoned graphic designers on staff, which help us be one of the one of the premiere book printers.]

3) ISBN Number—
You only need to obtain an ISBN number if you plan on selling your book in bookstores. ISBN numbers can be added to your book at any time even on an existing book by stickers. If you decide you need an ISBN number for self publishing project you need to order this a few days before you are ready to upload your manuscript. offers ISBN numbers for $95 this includes a barcode. To order your ISBN number log into your account and click the order ISBN button. Once your ISBN is received you will need to list the number on your copyright page and on your back cover if you are completing the cover design. If you already have an ISBN number and no barcode Instantpublisher can create the barcode for you for $15 during your order process.

4) Upload Your Book—
Book upload. There are two ways to upload your book to

4a)[FIRST]: If you have the ability to create a PDF this is the best way to go. Make sure you create a high resolution pdf with your fonts embedded and use the PDF upload feature located in your account.

4b)[SECOND]: If you do not have the ability to create a pdf you will need to use the Instantpublisher upload software. You will follow the link in your account to install the software, once you have installed the software it will work just like a printer on your machine. To upload your book you will open your complete book file in the program you used to set it up click file then print and select the isntantpublisher printer. Once the file has completed uploading your can look in your library and bring up the copy that transferred to make sure everything still looks correct if it does you are ready to continue your order process.

5) Cover Upload—
If you are designing your own cover you have several options to get your files to us. The preferred method is saving the file to a pdf then using the PDF upload to place the cover file into your library. If you have a 300 dpi image file of your cover you can email the file with your order number when you place your order or ftp the file to us if the file is very large. Please email for ftp instructions. If you have set your cover up in a program like word that does not have the ability to output high resolution image files and do not have the ability to create a PDF file you will need to use the Instantpublisher printer to upload the file to your library.

6) Order Your Book—
To order your book log into your account select the manuscript document in your library you would like to order then click the continue order process button and fill out the same information you did when pricing your book. You will be asked if you will be paying by check or credit card. Check orders are held for down payment and credit card orders are processed immediately. If you are not sure of your documents layout or have questions please contact us before placing your order as credit card orders are processed very quickly. If you take the proof option during your order then you will have the chance to change files and options when you approve the proof.

7) Proof Your Book—
Once your book printing order is placed you will receive a proof in 3-5 days if you order the proof option if not your book should be ready to ship in 7-10 days for black and white books 10-15 for color books and 20 days for hardback books.