Self Publishing

Why Self-Publishing?

Self-Publishing Facts

  • Control — You have complete control of your book design and where it is sold without dealing with a third party, when self publishing.
  • Sole Ownership — As a self-publisher, you own all rights to the book and are in the position to set your own price with all profits coming to you.
  • Big Profits — If a large publishing house contracts to publish your book, you will receive only 5% to 15% royalty on each book sold. As a self-publisher, you can receive 50% to 200% profit, when self publishing.
  • Publishing Time — Large publishing houses take months to complete your book for sale in book stores. will complete the finished product in only a few days.
  • Special Interest Books — Large publishing houses do not have an interest in special interest books. However, in many cases, books dealing with education, special how-to books, or books on religion have a great sales appeal to the general public. Large publishing houses are very selective in the manuscripts they choose to finance.
  • Local Interest — Large book publishers are not interested in local interest books. However, books with interest in a certain region or community sell very well and can raise thousands of dollars for the author.
  • Family Books — Making money is not the only interest of many authors. Telling a family story or just getting their words in print for the next generation is very important.