5 Items Influencers Should Have in Their Merch Shops

Influencers on social media should start offering merchandise as soon as they regularly have 1000 people interacting with their work. Many influencers open a merch shop and aren’t sure what to fill it with. The most common merch shop items are apparel. While apparel should absolutely be in merch shops, clothing isn’t the only thing influencer audiences want to buy.

If influencers are doing signings and meet-ups, they should have a well-stocked, portable merch shop to give fans plenty of options for buying things to show their affiliation with their influencer of choice. Continue reading

7 Tips For Creating Your Employee Handbook

InstantPublisher offers a wide variety of custom printing services, including Employee Handbooks.

Every employer should have an employee handbook to offer to new hires. This handbook should tell them all the most important things about working for the company, such as culture, the chain of command, policies, and information about who to contact with any concerns. Here are seven tips to make your employee handbook useful for new hires. Continue reading