5 Tips for Self-Publishing Authors Writing a Romance

Romance is a vastly popular genre and one of the easiest for self-publishing authors to break into. Romance readers tend to be voracious and are willing to try new authors. This makes it an ideal genre for self-publishing authors to explore. However, despite the apparent simplicity of the romance genre, romance readers have definite expectations, and self-publishing authors need to meet those expectations if they want a good reader experience. Continue reading

5 Tips To Create My Cookbook

Food is something that crosses cultures and generations. Food is something that everyone needs, and nearly everyone enjoys. Many people have deep-rooted memories of their childhood that involve food. Cookbooks are a way for the author to share their love of food and help others feed their souls as they feed their bellies. Here are five tips for helping you create a fantastic collection of recipes to work with cookbook publishing companies to get your collection into cook’s hands and kitchens. Continue reading