3 Reasons Everyone Should Write Their Memoir Now

Vanity book printing has made it possible for everyone to tell their stories. There has never been a better time for people to write their memoirs than today. Memoir writing doesn’t take the same skills as fiction writing. There is no plot to develop, characters to create, or magic systems to develop. Memoirs are as easy as sitting down at the keyboard and telling your story.

Here are three reasons everyone should write and self-publish their memoir now:

1. History

If you are reading this article within 50 years of its publication, you will probably agree that life has been, for lack of a better word, interesting.

It is likely, that, even if you are reading this article one-thousand years past its publication, you are still living in interesting times. This is because one of the best methods historians have for understanding different times in the history of humankind is the written word.

Faces of different individuals representing their unique stories for memoir book printing

History isn’t always in the distant past. The next generation has different life experiences than the one before it and can benefit from hearing the tragedies and triumphs from the perspectives of those who lived it. Memoirs help us preserve our part and perspective in that story for the future.

Printing a book with your story assures your story isn’t lost or discarded, as diaries often are, once the creator can no longer care for it. Lucky diaries find their way into the hands of historical societies, but there have been many people’s stories lost in the annuls of time.

Digital printing services are available to memoir writers, though it isn’t wise to exclusively depend on digital versions of any media. Technology is rapidly changing, and it is difficult to determine whether machines that exist in the future will continue to be able to decipher the words of today. It is always best to have a printed book with a digital copy.

2. Unique Experiences

Everyone has different experiences in life, and those differences become vaster as we move forward in history. There are millions of jobs and hobbies modern people invest their energy in. The life of a plumber has different stories than the life of a social worker. Yet, both stories give value to the world.

Personal triumphs and tragedies can be shared through memoirs.

Every person on the planet is living a different life. Writing a memoir helps explore the uniqueness of individual stories.

3. Self-publishing a Book Has Never Been Easier

Current technology has brought down the cost of publishing a book so much that custom printing services are within the means of everyone. At the time of this writing, InstantPublisher’s cost per book to print starts lower than a gallon of gas in the USA (when you print 25 books or more copies).

InstantPublisher has a team of experts offering a variety of book printing services. In addition, they provide interior book design, premade book cover designs, and ghostwriting services for those struggling to turn their story into a memoir by themselves. Call today at 1-800-259-2592 to learn more about the wide range of services InstantPublisher offers.

5 Tips for Custom Printing a Menu

InstantPublisher is the best self-publishing companies for hardback and paperback books, but they also offer a variety of custom printing services, including menu printing.

Menus are one of the most important tools a restaurant offers their customers to enhance the dining experience.

A strawberry croissant image appearing in a custom printing service menu by InstantPublisher

Here are five tips for printing a menu that will keep your customers coming back for more.

1. Organize the Menu

It is essential to make the menu easy to navigate. A customer should be able to find drinks, appetizers, and desserts at a glance. If the breakfast menu is not separate from the rest of the menu, it should be clearly labeled and the menu should indicate at what times breakfast is served and at what time the lunch and dinner menus go into effect.

Additionally, if you offer specialty menu items such as vegan, keto, or gluten-free items those should be clearly labeled.

2. Clarity

Diners want to know what is on the foods they are ordering and what, if any, sides come with their entrees.

Don’t assume that the name of an item is enough for diners to know what it is. A mushroom and swiss burger might seem simple enough but does it have mayo or a house sauce? Is there lettuce and tomato on the sandwich? Clearly listing what an item contains allows customers to choose the best match for them, as well as ask for any needed customizations, which enhances their dining experience and leads to fewer food returns.

3. Include Colored Photos

While adding photos increases the production costs of a menu, the value cannot be overstated. People eat with their eyes first. Pictures will sway customers to enjoy foods they otherwise might not try. Also, if you have lesser-known food items on the menu, it is a good idea to have them in images so that customers know what they are getting with the order.

Besides lesser-known items, include images of your most aesthetically pleasing items such as a well-dressed burger, mouth-watering desserts, and moist cuts of meat.

Don’t have space on the menu for pictures? Use the menu to direct customers to your website where detailed images of each dish are available for customer perusal. This can be a QR code, especially if your customer base tends to run younger, or a website address if you serve mostly retirees.

4. Colors

Select the right color scheme for your menu. The menu is part of your restaurant aesthetic and should match it but also not clash with the images of the food. The coloring of the menu should be easy to read and should adhere to accessibility standards for those with visual impairments and color blindness. Avoid color combinations of green/red, green/brown, blue/purple, green/blue, blue/grey, green/grey, and green/black as they can be difficult for those with color blindness to see.

When in doubt, black on white or black on cream is a good menu choice for readability. Decorative coloring can be added for aesthetics around the borders and other areas that don’t have text.

5. Choose the Right Style

Different restaurants will want to choose different menu styles. Most casual dining restaurants will find a folded menu meets their needs. If the menu is to be reusable, then lamination is a must.

Spiral-bound menus are advisable if the menu offers a large selection of food and drink items.

Formal dining venues should consider a hardcover menu.

Whether you need a menu printed or you have other custom printing services needs, InstantPublisher can help.

Call us today at 1800  259 2592 to learn more about the wide range of custom printing services InstantPublisher offers. You can also visit our website.