What Should I Write as a Self-Publishing Author?

Many people feel that they have a book inside of them, but when it comes to writing that book, they find themselves unsure of what to write or how to get started. These feelings can become road bumps that prevent self-publishing authors from finishing their stories. Here are some thoughts to help self-publishing authors narrow things down.

1. Write What You Know

Write what you know is sage advice, but people often take it too literally. A lack of knowledge shouldn’t deter a writer from a project they are passionate about. With a little research, gaps in knowledge can be filled. Continue reading

5 Tips for Self-Publishing Authors Writing Mysteries

Mystery is a huge umbrella term encompassing various subgenres, including detective novels, cozy mysteries, and thrillers. Here are five tips for self-publishing authors writing in the mystery genre.

1 – Understand Your Sub-genre

While it may seem counter-intuitive, the readership of mystery books is not usually inclusive. Readers tend to enjoy a small number of sub-genres within mystery and gravitate to those books. Thriller readers don’t usually read cozy mysteries and vice-versa. Continue reading