3 Tips for Self-Publishing a Children’s Picture Book

Children’s picture books can be serious and teach an important message or whimsical, tickling the reader’s imagination. Children’s picture books are where most children develop their love of reading. Creating a love of reading in the upcoming generation is vital to the success of writers everywhere. Still, children’s picture books have difficulties with writing, self-publishing, and marketing. Here are three tips to help authors succeed when self-publishing a children’s picture book. Continue reading

5 Tips for Self-Publishing a Multi-Author Anthology

Multi-author anthologies can be a great way for readers to try new authors and for authors to work together to create a work of art that would be impossible to complete alone. Additionally, multi-author anthologies can use more resources, whether social media or advertising investment, to help them succeed.

However, creating a multi-author anthology can be complex. Here are five tips for success. Continue reading