Book Publishing Company

Book Publishing Company a quick history!

It’s hard to believe a small town newspaper located in Rural Kansas could ever become a favorite book publishing company to so many writers. The Lynn County press published its first cookbook in 1920, the cookbook was a success but the local paper stuck to its roots and continued supplying the county with newspapers for the next 50 years, that is until the next generation heard the story of the cookbook and came up with a plan to start offering this cookbook printing program as a fundraiser to all types of organizations, thus Fundcraft Publishing was born.

Fundcraft continued the printing tradition by selling hundreds of thousands of cookbooks to organizations all over the U.S. helping them with their fundraising goals. This continued until the mid 80’s when they simply could not function so far away from any major city being the digital realm was quickly becoming mainstream calling for more service technicians. Fundcraft then made the move a small town in TN that was closer to a major city but still keeping the small town vibe. Twenty (20) years later the 3rd generation publisher wanted to expand the cookbook printing company into a book publishing company that offered all types of books to cater to all types of writers across the country from the internet thus was born.

Instantpublisher still has the small town theory of dealing with every writer individually and exceeding all expectations, which is something that every customer can expect from