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3 Reasons Self-Publishing Authors Should Write a Series

One of the joys of being a self-publishing author is being able to write however and whatever they choose without the dictates of a publishing house. While nothing is wrong with writing a book that is complete and stands alone, there are many reasons self-publishing authors should consider focusing on writing series.

Set of books representing self-publishing a series

1. Series Are Easier to Write (Sort of)

When self-publishing authors write books in a series, they don’t have to start at square one with each book. They have a setting, characters, or plot they are already familiar with and can further explore.

The self-publishing author’s familiarity with their initial story often makes subsequent stories easier to write because the book isn’t being started from scratch.

Unfortunately, sequels and series can equally be limiting if a fact is established in an early book and the self-publishing author finds it creates a roadblock in later books. Most writers can overcome this hurdle by using outlines.

2. Sequels are Easier to Sell

Convincing a reader to pick up a brand-new book isn’t easy. The book’s synopsis has to pull the reader in. The custom book covers have to appeal to the reader’s aesthetic. The book’s genre and mood must be clear to the reader and align with their preferences.

Selling a sequel is much simpler. If readers enjoyed previous books in the series, they will be eager to pick up the next book and won’t need any convincing.

3. Marketing a Series Improves ROI

The time and money self-publishing authors spend marketing their books often have a disappointingly low return on investment, often abbreviated as ROI. Authors might spend 8 hours at an author event and sell less than a dozen copies of their book. They may make a hundred social media posts for one book sale.

If an author writes a series, their marketing will have a domino effect. One book sold will lead to the sale of the rest of the series if the reader enjoys it. Sometimes, knowing that there is more than one book will sway the reader to try the series. Every dollar or hour spent on marketing suddenly promotes an entire series instead of a single book.

For the best marketing ROI, the self-publishing author should ensure the books in their series have similar custom book covers and that the book printing sizes are the same. For instance, if one book is 6×9, then all the books in the series’ book printing size should be 6×9.

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