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3 Tips for Creating Your 2024 Business Calendar

Despite the rise in electronic calendars, people still use wall calendars for both functional and decorative purposes. They are an inexpensive way for businesses to show appreciation to clients and staff, keep their business in customers’ thoughts, and spread the word about their brand. Here are three tips for creating a calendar for your business.

1. Be Intentional

There are many ways a business might choose to use a calendar, and being aware of what the calendar’s intent is matters.

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Is the calendar a gift to employees? Is it a limited edition item that customers can purchase? Is it a thank you to customers for their loyalty?

Each of these is a valid way for a business to use a calendar, but these calendars would look very different. Before a company approaches its calendar publishers, they must understand their calendar’s intention and be intentional as they work through the calendar setup.

2. Pick the Right Images

Picking the right images for the calendar is vital for the calendar to serve its intended purpose.

If the calendar is for employees, the images might be of the values and culture the employer wants to reinforce. It could also show exciting images from years past, like the CEO accepting an award on behalf of the company or “Remember When” images that create nostalgia in long-term employees.

If the calendar is for long-time customers to buy or be given in appreciation of their loyalty, the images should show things the customer loves about the company and that create nostalgia. This can include “Remember When” images such as old storefronts and retired models. It could consist of “Sneak Peaks” of planned products. It could also show conventions where the company had a table and had exciting interactions with customers.

The point of such a calendar is to give the buyer or receiver positive reinforcement about their relationship with the company.

If the calendar is to entice new customers it should have images that encourage customers to start interacting with the company and showcases what the business offers. These must be enticing but also attractive.

3. Customize Dates

Calendar printing companies in USA usually offer customizable dates. Take full advantage of that when making a calendar for your business.

For employees, note convention and event dates on the calendar and important meetings. You can also note product launch dates.

Calendars for customers should include traditional dates such as holidays. They can also include fun extras unrelated to the company, such as moon cycles.

In addition, the business can include company-related dates that customers might care about. Things like the company “birthday” can be a fun and feel-good addition. Product release dates and conventions where the company has a table are also nice additions.

Bonus Tip: Take Advantage of Bulk Mailing Services

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