InstantPublisher Adds BQ-500 Perfect Binder to Publishing Toolkit

InstantPublisher, one of the best self-publishing companies owned and operated in the USA, has recently purchased a BQ-500 Binder to add to their growing toolkit to improve InstantPublisher’s already impressive book printing services.

In a world where book banning and first amendment rights are a hot topic of discussion, assuring that authors can create books with diverse voices and points of view through self-publishing is even more necessary.

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4 Ways To Use Magnets — Made by Custom Printing Services to Advertise Your Business

Almost every home in the USA has a refrigerator; most of those have, at the least, a spattering of magnets on the door. These may be holding little Susie’s art projects or little Timmy’s camp pictures. The magnets may be holding an appointment reminder or a take-out menu for the local pizza place.

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