How Much Does it Cost to Make a Book?

Everyone has a book inside of them, but not everyone has the time and money to bring that book to fruition. There are many costs involved in making a book ranging from the cost of educating an author on how to write to the costs of printing a book. Writers who publish through a traditional publisher usually have lower initial costs but then split their profits with the publisher. Many authors prefer self-publishing, where the author pays all the expenses of printing a book but earns all the profits from book sales.

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5 Ways to Avoid Burnout as a Self-Publishing Author

Burnout is the biggest threat to a self-publishing author’s well-being. It makes it challenging to write and lowers writing quality. It can even make an author question whether writing is for them.

Burnout isn’t the same as writer’s block. Burnout isn’t project-specific. Instead, it is an inability to write anything. When writing is forced the quality is poor, and the writer feels that work is difficult labor that must be pushed through. They may feel like they are sinking in quicksand every time they try to write.

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