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5 Tips to Increase Your Productivity as a Self-publishing Author

There are many advantages to being a self-publishing author. Self-publishing authors can create the books they love, control every aspect of publication, and write as many books as their heart desires. However, some self-publishing authors struggle to meet their productivity goals without contracts and deadlines. Here are five tips to help self-publishing authors stay productive.

  1. Get in a Routine

Self-publishing authors have busy lives. For most, life requires chores, a day job, marketing, and meeting the demands of family.

Self-publishing authors often struggle to carve out the time for their creative work amongst all the other pressing responsibilities. However, getting into a writing routine can help the self-publishing author ensure that their book gets written.

Routines will look different for everyone. A self-publishing author might get up early or stay up late to write. They might write for fifteen minutes or several hours. They might write two days a week. Whatever routine a writer can work into their schedule will ensure that their writing career has forward movement. Setting a routine and sticking to it, even if only 15 minutes of writing at a time, assures consistency. Consistency assures productivity.

  1. Outlining

Not every self-publishing author will benefit from outlining. However, those sitting down to write and staring more at a blank page than birthing words usually increase productivity if they outline before writing. Outlining can look a lot of different ways. It may be the author planning the next scene they are writing or having the beats of their novel mapped out in a notebook.

Outlining assures that the self-publishing author can use their time in front of the keyboard to write words rather than trying to figure out what happens next in their book.

A self-publishing author with a stack of books beside her representing productivity.

  1. Multiple Projects

Not every author is comfortable working on multiple books at once; however, self-publishing authors may find that having more than one book in the works increases productivity.

This is best done with books at different stages. For instance, an author might send their first book off to the editor and, instead of waiting for edits, start first drafting the second book. They can then edit the first book while the second is awaiting beta readers’ feedback. Having multiple projects keeps a self-publishing author in their routine and keeps them from losing momentum.

  1. Self-Care

Self-publishing authors often push themselves too hard and burn out. A burned-out author is an unproductive author. Practicing self-care can help prevent burnout and keep an author at peak creativity. Self-care includes getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, exercising, eating nutritious meals, socializing, and taking time out for leisure.

Even though self-care can feel like the opposite of productive in the short-term, in the long-term it is vital for productivity and success.

  1. Support

Writing can feel like a solitary endeavor, but enlisting the help of others can keep a self-publishing author enthused and on track. This can be an encouraging accountability partner or a writing group that does writing sprints together. Such groups can be found in most locations and also online.

Group support helps authors stay focused while meeting their social needs and networking.

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