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Top 5 Ways to Combat Writer’s Block

1. Take a Break and Go Back Later

If you’ve been staring at your notebook or laptop for hours, sometimes it is necessary to take a break. Go take a walk, make yourself a cup of tea, relax in your hammock, go for a jog — do something that takes your mind off writing for a little while. Sometimes it can be difficult to write if there’s something else you need to do. Taking a break will relax your senses and provide fresh ideas when you return to writing.

I like to take a walk to look at nature because it is relaxing and I enjoy the sounds of nature like the sound of the running water at a nearby creek or the sound of birds singing. This is relaxing and can provide inspiration.

2. Try Writing in a New Place

A simple change of scenery can work wonders and spark great ideas. If you normally write sitting on the sofa in your home, why not try setting up your laptop on the picnic table in your backyard or go to a park to watch children play? You could also try your favorite ice cream shop, a coffee shop, or anywhere that is not your normal spot. This might not work for everyone, but it’s worth trying. *Note, this helps me think differently when I choose a new spot to write.

3. Write About Different Subjects

Your goal is to write a 1000 word piece on going green or you’re trying to compose a new chapter for your novel, and for whatever reason it’s just not inspiring you. One method is to try is to write about something else. Sometimes just writing about various subject matters – changes my way of thinking. I apply this tactic from time to time, when I have to write a fiction piece and it’s just not coming to me. I’ll post something to my blog about a random celebrity or news or whatever comes to me at that moment. It’s not what you are writing that matters, just that you are writing. Keep writing, and good ideas will come.

4. Figure Out When You Write Best

When is the best time for you to write. This is the main question. We all write or respond differently. Find your writing groove and write when you know is best. Keep your laptop or pen on hand. When we have writer’s block, stop and take a break. THIS IS RULE #1. Avoid writing when it’s lunch time or time for dinner or when it’s time to take the kids to soccer practice. Come back to your computer or pen/paper after taking care of life. The ideas will come to you. Again, write when you know is your best time.

5. Get Moving

Any type of exercise helps preserve memory, because it gets the blood flowing, and brings more oxygen to the brain. I apply the same theory to writing. Get up out of the chair or off of the sofa, and take a walk or brainstorm with your husband or best friend as you are pacing across the floor or backyard. Go for a jog, play a game of tennis, go swimming, or even play some paintball with your friends! The idea is to keep moving. Return after your morning or afternoon activity and try writing. You will probably be surprised to find that it comes to you a little easier. Stay active, keep moving, and you’ll be excited to write, write, write. Being active will help your writing goals!

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