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How to Write a Book & Self Publish!

So, you want to write a book? Well, you know what we think at Instant Publisher – You can write a book! And, remember – Self publishing is the leading way to get your book published today!

What Makes Your Story Unique?

Everyone has a story to tell. So – here’s the kicker. What makes your story unique? Perhaps you have an ending to a common experience that has been encountered by many – yet your ending is very different. Or, perhaps you’ve experienced something that is so unusual the whole world will want to read about it!

The Key to Success.

The key to success is – Don’t doubt yourself. Don’t doubt the importance of your story. And, as we’ve said many times before at IP – no one will know about your story if you don’t start writing! And, you’ll never finish your book if you don’t start writing!

Again, edits are probably the one thing that new authors worry about the most. Don’t! Write freely and edit later – or, if you choose – edit by chapter. Either way, you’ll still be writing and on your way to completing and self publishing your book!

Clearly Define Your Characters.

Here are a few writing tips for you that are very important to remember as you write – perhaps for the very first time. Remember… Clearly define your characters.

Remember and Explain the Who, What, Why, When and Where.

Even though you aren’t writing a journalism paper, you still want to remember and explain the who, what, why, when and where. Who are your characters and why are they doing what they’re doing? Why are they where they are? Typically you will only have to focus on defining characters when you are writing a novel. It is important, however, to remember to clearly define your plot when writing fiction or non-fiction. Does non-fiction have a plot? Well, let’s just say that your non-fiction book has a theme. Every thing you write surrounds this theme. So, everything you disclose and convey in your writing needs to support this theme. You see? It’s almost like building a house. Make sure that your foundation is set and firm. Then start building. Have a clear vision of how the story will be viewed and perceived in the end.

As You Write – Ask Yourself Questions.

(as you re-read…and you will re-read, but don’t overdo it!)

  • Is my foundation set?
  • Is my foundation clear and concise and understandable?
  • Is this an easy read, or am I causing too much work for my reader? (You want the reader to enjoy, not be overwhelmed and lay the book down.)
  • Am I supporting my foundation/theme with strong explanations without “over explaining?”

Does Your Novel, Answer the Following:

  • Is my plot clearly coming across? Is the reader “getting it?”
  • Have I clearly defined (and introduced) my characters without “over explaining?”

Remember – NEVER “Over Explain.”

Some people refer to this as being too overt. You don’t want to be too covert in your writing, but remember that one of the keys to continue sparked interest in your book is to cause the reader to be enticed with your story – “engaged” by your writing style – and cause them to “anticipate.”

Once you ask yourself a few of these initial questions and make sure you are on target – then keep writing, knowing your going in the right direction.

Good luck! Start writing! And – don’t give up! Everyone has a story to tell and you can write a book.

We wish you great success and look forward to seeing your manuscript! Just think – as soon as your book is finished, it’s ready to be printed and published and sold to the world!

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