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How to Choose a Book Publishing Company

So, you don’t have an agent and you don’t want one. You do have a manuscript and you are looking for a book publishing company. No problem! Here’s some encouragement as well – Tom Clancy and John Grisham both sold their first books without agents! Enough said.

Now, let’s talk self publishing. What do you look for in a self publisher?

First of all, many traditional publishing houses pay low royalties – as much as under 14% and lower. With self publishing, however, an author selling books can be certain to receive as much as a 95% return on the high end. That, in and of itself, is one of the largest attractions and benefits to self publishing. So, we’ve covered money. With that said, let’s talk about control.

With self publishing you maintain creative control! You also have the power to control your money flow by managing your budget individually – in the sense that you publish the number of books you want to publish according to your budget. For example with Instant Publisher, one of the top rated self publishing companies in the nation, you can choose to print a minimum of 25 books with a turnaround time of as little as 7-10 days. That’s hard to beat! Of course, most writers will publish more than 25 books – even on the first run. And, suffice it to say that many of those writers end up seeing a healthy return on their investment as pertains to book sales, hence they return to print another batch of a few hundred or more.

One of the main points is this: Self publishing is the way to go today. You’re not at the end of the road with self publishing; you are embarking upon your personal, successful journey into the author’s world. No need to worry about any previous rejections from publishing houses too busy to care about your fantastic book because you are an unknown and they view you as a financial risk. In fact, many of the large well-known publishing houses are not producing as many books as they did [at one time] due to a hard economy and attitudes among staff of being “overly cautious.” You don’t have to get wrapped up in that. Simply bypass that pain and suffering (that almost every author has experienced at one time or another in their career) and self publish. Enjoy your writing without stressing and revel in seeing your book in print and on shelves and on the internet. Most of all enjoy the fact that you will reap your initial investment back and have the opportunity to reap profits, as long as you keep your marketing efforts alive. Keep your books on the shelves and watch them sell. Then when you get your money, rest happily in the fact that you did not give 85% or more to a large publishing house!

Furthermore, a large quantity of business that large publishing houses could have acquired is now going to self publishing companies like Instant Publisher. People simply don’t have the time or desire to wait and wait on agents’ responses and publishing houses slow responses – then only to receive a big rejection! On occasion there have been authors who have embarked upon the successful road of self publishing and later found themselves being offered a deal by one of the large publishing houses that may have rejected them in the first place!

So, to self publish or not to self publish? Self publish! The answer is a resounding yes! Self publish with Instant Publisher. Maintain control, receive professional, superior quality books and take advantage of the supportive customer support team for any questions you may have during your self publishing process. Benefit from Instant Publisher’s easy-to-navigate website and browse fresh and new writing tips posted each week as well! Email us with any questions you may have. We’re here to help and offer the best guidance on self publishing.

A few pros about self publishing with Instant Publisher:

  • Creative Control – Design your own cover or let us help you!
  • Financial Control – Determine the number and type of books you want!
  • Inventory Control – Order when you want to and when you need to!
  • Competitive Pricing – VERY affordable – compare for yourself!
  • Fast Turnaround – As quick as 7 days!
  • Live Customer Support – No need to worry about unanswered e mail.
  • Friendly, Knowledgeable Support Team.
  • No pushy sales people calling you and interrupting your day!
  • No worry about tons of promotional mail in your mailbox every week!

With InstantPublisher you can develop your manuscript on your time, at your leisure, at your own pace, right at your PC and then simply upload and wait for your professionally bound, bookstore quality books to arrive. You determine the amount you want to publish and you determine the amount of money you feel you can spend at any given time. Again, many authors publish a hundred or so books at first and then find themselves ordering hundreds more.

Good Luck! Now, start writing!