1 Writing Tip = Getting Organized

Ever wonder when you’re going to get the book out of your head and finally onto paper? Don’t feel alone. Do feel motivated, however, because with InstantPublisher.com you are just words away from seeing your dream become reality! And, we want to encourage you with helpful writing tips, self-publishing advice and some of the dos and don’ts within the wonderful world of writing! We’d like to provide you with a wealth of information as you review our site and contemplate bringing your book to life!

So – you have all the information. Where? Is your life story or novel a compilation of sticky notes that lay all over the dining table that you used to eat on? Do you have piles of notes by your bedside that have now become mixed in with the laundry you left on the floor last week?

Take a deep breath. Now gather! What seems overwhelming may, indeed, be a bit of a job – but if you don’t get organized now, the book – your book, will forever remain a story in your head, and not one that was ever, or will ever be, shared with the world.

{Don’t be afraid of the word Organize! }

Don’t be afraid of the word organize! Think of it as the beginning of a new, fresh day where you can finally sit back and take a fresh breath, knowing that you have just dwindled your ever-growing To-Do list down from a thousand to two. Sound good? Now, lock the door. Turn the TV and the cell phone OFF. You have your list in hand. This is your first writing job! Yes, you are already writing by simply gathering your notes and actually beginning to sort through them.

Remember – Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Don’t feel compelled to get every note in perfect order in one day when it took you more than a few years to rack them up to begin with! Just quietly remind yourself: You are only words away from seeing your dream become reality!

Motivation – Now let’s talk about next steps. See? You really are moving forward! Here is a bit of motivation for you regarding next steps – for now with some quotes for you to ponder! Until next time – keep getting your notes together, maintain your composure (you will get this done) and we’ll talk about your progress and perhaps even your first chapter when we catch up again!

Okay folks, this is a great one:
It took me fifteen years to discover that I had no talent for writing, but I couldn’t give it up because by that time I was too famous. ~ Robert Benchley

Put it before them briefly so they will read it, clearly so they will appreciate it, picturesquely so they will remember it, and above all, accurately so they will be guided by its light. ~ Joseph Pulitzer

Last but Certainly not Least…
Reduce your plan to writing. The moment you complete this, you will have definitely given concrete form to the intangible desire. ~ Napoleon Hill

Until next time…Good Luck! And start writing!

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Rewriting! Ready to Rewrite! (Writing Tip)

Here are more writing tips! Let’s get straight to the point of the pen folks! (No pen intended – I mean, no pun intended) Remember – Never fully rely on spell check as you can see above. Pen and Pun are words. Spell check does not check for “context.” Air and Err are both real words. Now, start writing and good luck! Hope you enjoy a little bit of the humor below. Writing is fun and remember you can write a book! Self-Publish with Instant Publisher!

  • Avoid run-on sentences they are hard to read.
  • Never use double negatives.
  • Use the semicolon properly, always where it is appropriate; and never where it is not.
  • Reserve the apostrophe for it’s proper use and omit it where it is not needed.
  • Verbs have to agree with their subjects.
  • No sentence fragments.
  • Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.
  • Place pronouns as closely as possible, especially in long sentences.

  • Hyphenate only between syllables and avoid un-necessary hyphens.
  • Write all adverbial forms correct.
  • Do not use contractions.
  • Avoid commas, that are not necessary.
  • When you reread your work, you will find on rereading that a great deal of repetition can be avoided by rereading and editing.

  • A writer must not shift your point of view.
  • Writing carefully, dangling participles must be avoided.
  • It is incumbent on us to avoid archaisms.
  • If any word is improper at the end of a sentence, a linking verb is.
  • Steer clear of incorrect verb forms that have snuck into the language.

  • Take the bull by the hand and avoid mixed metaphors.
  • Avoid modernisms that sound flaky.
  • Avoid barbarisms: they impact too forcefully.
  • Never, ever use repetitive redundancies.
  • Everyone should be careful to use singular pronouns with singular nouns in their writing.

  • Also, avoid awkward or affected alliteration.
  • Do not string a large number of prepositional phrases together unless you are walking through the valley of the shadow of death.
  • Avoid overuse of “quotation” marks.
  • Never use more words than are necessary to get your point across: be concise.

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How to Write a Book & Self Publish!

So, you want to write a book? Well, you know what we think at Instant Publisher – You can write a book! And, remember – Self publishing is the leading way to get your book published today!

What Makes Your Story Unique?

Everyone has a story to tell. So – here’s the kicker. What makes your story unique? Perhaps you have an ending to a common experience that has been encountered by many – yet your ending is very different. Or, perhaps you’ve experienced something that is so unusual the whole world will want to read about it!

The Key to Success.

The key to success is – Don’t doubt yourself. Don’t doubt the importance of your story. And, as we’ve said many times before at IP – no one will know about your story if you don’t start writing! And, you’ll never finish your book if you don’t start writing!

Again, edits are probably the one thing that new authors worry about the most. Don’t! Write freely and edit later – or, if you choose – edit by chapter. Either way, you’ll still be writing and on your way to completing and self publishing your book!

Clearly Define Your Characters.

Here are a few writing tips for you that are very important to remember as you write – perhaps for the very first time. Remember… Clearly define your characters.

Remember and Explain the Who, What, Why, When and Where.

Even though you aren’t writing a journalism paper, you still want to remember and explain the who, what, why, when and where. Who are your characters and why are they doing what they’re doing? Why are they where they are? Typically you will only have to focus on defining characters when you are writing a novel. It is important, however, to remember to clearly define your plot when writing fiction or non-fiction. Does non-fiction have a plot? Well, let’s just say that your non-fiction book has a theme. Every thing you write surrounds this theme. So, everything you disclose and convey in your writing needs to support this theme. You see? It’s almost like building a house. Make sure that your foundation is set and firm. Then start building. Have a clear vision of how the story will be viewed and perceived in the end.

As You Write – Ask Yourself Questions.

(as you re-read…and you will re-read, but don’t overdo it!)

  • Is my foundation set?
  • Is my foundation clear and concise and understandable?
  • Is this an easy read, or am I causing too much work for my reader? (You want the reader to enjoy, not be overwhelmed and lay the book down.)
  • Am I supporting my foundation/theme with strong explanations without “over explaining?”

Does Your Novel, Answer the Following:

  • Is my plot clearly coming across? Is the reader “getting it?”
  • Have I clearly defined (and introduced) my characters without “over explaining?”

Remember – NEVER “Over Explain.”

Some people refer to this as being too overt. You don’t want to be too covert in your writing, but remember that one of the keys to continue sparked interest in your book is to cause the reader to be enticed with your story – “engaged” by your writing style – and cause them to “anticipate.”

Once you ask yourself a few of these initial questions and make sure you are on target – then keep writing, knowing your going in the right direction.

Good luck! Start writing! And – don’t give up! Everyone has a story to tell and you can write a book.

We wish you great success and look forward to seeing your manuscript! Just think – as soon as your book is finished, it’s ready to be printed and published and sold to the world!

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Self Publish!

Today’s Writing Tips are for Inspiration and Organization!

{ It’s time! Bring Out The Book in You! }

Remember a few things first:

1) Give some thought to plot.

2) Complete a first draft.

3) Be prepared to revise.

4) Get feedback.

5) Put it aside.

Who is your favorite writer? Read their work. You certainly won’t copy them, but just reading their work will sometimes serve as inspiration for you. Like an artist sometimes views many pictures before they finally begin to draw.

Take a walk – a real walk. Is there a park nearby, or a lake? Go somewhere where you can actually be in nature and enjoy the simple beauty. Make SURE to bring your pad and pen! (Always!)

Now, when you feel as if you are getting a bit more inspired, then begin thinking of your plot. Start free writing. Just write what comes to mind and do NOT worry about editing right now. Next, make your first draft and be prepared to revise because you will revise and probably revise more than twice! Always get feedback from an objective person. Mom may not work too well. Finally, put it aside. Yes, simply walk off from your masterpiece in work for an entire day. Make sure when you go to bed at night you have the pad and pen handy! You may need it!

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Creative Writing Tips and Self-Publishing

We’ve said it before and we now say it again – You are only words away from seeing your dream become a reality. If you’re one of our faithful fans, you may notice on our Facebook page how often we say, “Start writing!” Well, we say that because it’s true. So many people have much to say, and their story could turn into a high selling literary work! But…if you don’t start, you won’t finish. And if you don’t finish, you won’t see your creation in book form – which is life! Your living book will remain forever in your mind and not a soul will know about the words that you so desperately want to share. With that said, let’s talk about creative writing and how InstantPublisher can help make your dream a reality and bring your book to life!

Self-Publishing is one of the most, if not the most, popular and effective ways to successfully publish today. InstantPublisher was created to make it easy for the new or even established author, to create their work in the comfort of their own home and submit it electronically to be printed and published – and become fully ready for marketing and hitting those book shelves! (You are in control of your money too – all of it!)

Let’s begin at ground zero – where the mind is full and ready to go full-steam forward, yet the hand has not quite caught up because no writing has started! So, let’s talk creative writing tips and help you get started with your special project! It’s time! No more procrastinating or thinking that you cannot write a book – because you can write a book!

1) Start Writing!

Many established authors will tell you that one of the ways they tend to write best is to just write. In fact, a large majority will tell you that they do not edit as they go, but write in free form and go back and edit later, so as not to interrupt the creativity that is flowing! An experienced writer will also tell you – Some of the best ideas come at the most inopportune times, so keep recorder and/or pen and paper handy. If you get a great idea at 3:00a.m. and need to begin writing, most likely you will not want to stop your flow and edit here and there. No worries! You will always have a chance to edit, edit, edit – later.

2) Let the Words Flow!

Let the words flow and worry about details later. But, no matter what kind of editor you are, make sure of one thing – NEVER allow a story to contain misspelled words or incorrect grammar. The main thing to remember when writing is to let it flow. Then, when you are ready to consider editing, start simple. Begin with getting rid of the “fluff.” Fluff is unneeded words or characters that really have no compelling impact within the story and scenes that, if left out, would never be missed.

3) Editing!

Regarding editing again – keep in mind that even the most famous of authors write several drafts before they are completely satisfied. Take your time. Notice the words, take your time – not, take your lifetime! Yes, you do want to see your story in book form before you leave the planet! And InstantPublisher would too! So, hang in there!

If you know anything about method acting, you may be familiar with the methods of Stanislavsky or Lee Strasberg. The art of method acting draws upon personal, real life situations and then applying those emotions experienced into a script. So, when the actor speaks – he is speaking from real emotion, unlike character acting, which is essentially, “acting.” Point is this: When it comes to creative writing and reviewing the plethora of creative writing tips out there – consider this: Think, think, and think. What does this mean? It means, bury yourself as best you can. Seclude yourself as best you can and begin to delve far into the past as you develop your novel. What is your plot? What is the main theme? What is the conflict and resolution within your story? You probably have answers to all of these questions, but when it comes to actually writing your story – you will have to reflect. Again, you will have to reflect. This may mean digging deep into the far recesses of your mind where you remember things that perhaps might not be so pleasurable – or, could be extremely pleasurable! It’s okay though. You can do it. In fact, many writers and actors will tell you that it is and can be quite therapeutic. It’s referred to as “release.” By allowing yourself – giving yourself permission – to revisit particular events in your life – you not only have a chance to possibly come up with healthy resolutions, but, at the same time, you will grasp that old feeling and raw emotion again. And THAT is the precise moment in which you need to begin to WRITE, WRITE, WRITE. DO NOT worry about editing right now. Just write. Allow your creativity to flow.

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Book Publishing Made Easy… Self Publish!

My manuscript had been done for at least 6-months. It was time to shop for a book publisher. At first, I really thought I would get an agent and hit the big time. After all, my book was and is the best in the world, or so I thought anyway! I learned, however, that no matter how great a book is, getting an agent and waiting to hook up with a giant publishing house is not easy and not fast and frankly can be a nightmare. And bottom line – it may never happen. I chose not to wait! I wanted to see my book in print and on the shelves! I knew it could make money! I had confidence and was willing to invest. I had already invested my heart, emotion and time and it was time to invest money I had budgeted for book publishing. I figured out that self publishing is the way to go!

Visit this book publisher!

Trust me, there are a plethora of self publishers out there, but I found one that really sparked my interest – InstantPublisher.com. They appeared to me to be one of the best book publishing companies out of all of them. I’m going to share what I found out so you fellow authors out there won’t have to go through the torturous “search and wait” that I did!

First of all, with Instant Publisher you can invest a little or a lot. It all depends on your personal budget and also what your desire is as far as “testing the market.” For example, you may have a fantastic manuscript yet you are not sure how you want to begin as far as getting your book out on the retail shelves, so you might want to publish a couple of hundred books first to test the water – see how they sell – then go back and print more. That’s what I did.

For me, I also knew I wanted to be in control and with this self publishing company you, the author, are in total control! Self publishing is the way to go and I’ll tell you a few reasons why. As I said, number one – control. With Instant Publisher you can self publish your book and print as little as 25 copies to begin with. They will print and publish your book, give you an ISBN number, and have your book completely set up and ready for retail shelves or Internet sales. They also have live customer support which I found invaluable! I couldn’t find another book publishing company that offered full-time customer support.

I made the decision to print 300 books to start with. Since then, I’ve had 500 more printed. My sales have been fantastic! And with Instant Publisher, you get nothing less than the best professionally bound bookstore quality book! I even received help with my cover design. I had so many choices and options with Instant Publisher!

Additionally, I found their Web site extremely helpful. It’s an easy read, easy to navigate through and they even offer writing tips! They have a wealth of invaluable information on the Web site that provided me with answers to almost every question I had in my head! Again, it’s an awesome site! I think I visited their Web site almost every day as I was finishing up my manuscript. It was toward the wrap-up of my manuscript that I began to look at book publishing options and that’s when I found Instant Publisher.

Finally, my book has made it into the hands of so many people – I can’t even count. I’ve received great reviews from readers and even personal e mails telling me how much reading my book helped a person. Not only do I feel professionally successful, but proud and thankful that I’ve been able to help other people by telling my story. And yes, I have made money! In fact, I am now about to have another 500 books printed!

I advise any new or established author to use Instant Publisher as their book publisher. Visit their Web site and also see them on Facebook! As Instant Publisher often says, “You can write a book!” And so it goes with Instant Publisher – “Good luck, and start writing!”

Learn about Self Publishing!

The Future of Self Publishing

In the latest 2010 report released by R.R. Bowker, it was revealed that the total number of titles published was 1,052,803 with 764,448 being titles released by non-traditional channels – largely self-publishers.

There are numerous advantages to self publishing, with the primary top two advantages being control and money. Traditional publishers have backed down on the amount of titles they produce each year citing risky sales as being a big concern. And almost always, traditional publishers are extremely leery of producing a work developed by an unknown author. As many traditional publishing houses wind down their author lists due to a fragile economy, and become ever more reliant on known authors and focus on best sellers, self-publishing continues to climb. One of the many benefits of self-publishing is being able to spend less upfront and have more control over money via book sales. While marketing effort is involved and required for success, royalties aren’t divvied up to the point where the author reigns in [next to nothing] while the large publishing house reels in most of the profit.

Subsequently the self-publishing market is on the rise, and not surprisingly, self-publishing companies are cashing in. But, not only are they cashing in, they are actually helping the young author, the new author, the unknown – create a tangible form of their dream and the dreams are selling. With an estimated 764, 448 self-publishing titles being released in 2009, that number is expected to rise in 2010 and beyond.

InstantPublisher is a self-publishing company that specializes in publishing books in almost every genre. Unlike many other self-publishers, Instant Publisher stands within a unique corner in the market because the company gives customers more control. While InstantPublisher continues to rise to one of the largest self-publishing companies in the nation, the company satisfies many authors looking to publish as little as 25 books to as many as 25,000 and anywhere in between. “That’s one of the advantages of self-publishing,” according to InstantPublisher creator and president, Chris Bradley. “With the wide variety of choices we are able to present to an author, in addition to being able to offer them live customer service, we feel we really give the author the most control they can have. And we hear so often that is something they are looking for,” said Bradley.

Despite the national financial picture of late, Bradley says his business is keeping a healthy pulse in the market. “We haven’t seen a significant decline in book orders this year,” said Bradley who touts producing as many as 20,000 books per week currently.

Bradley attributes the main success of his business to unified team work, outstanding live customer support and superior quality product.

A few advantages of Self-Publishing:

1) Money –

Self-publishing allows one to make a much larger profit on each book sold. And once a channel to sell books is already in place, self-publishing can make the writing/publishing process more profitable than having a book traditionally published. Writers who frequently speak at conferences, for example, might benefit more from self-publishing than from using a traditional publisher.

2) Control –

Self-publishing provides more control over editorial and design. If the desire is to use a new book to brand either an author or a company, one can use the book cover in ways a traditional publisher would probably not ever consider seriously.

3) Copyrights –

Self-publishing allows an author to retain all copyrights. If the printed book doesn’t sell as expected, or if there is a desire to re-purpose it as a video or e-book, with a traditional publisher you are generally out of luck. With self-publishing, however, an author can create e-books, articles for a promotional website, videos, or booklets from the book’s content without contractual repercussions.

With InstantPublisher you are only words away from seeing your dream become reality. Start writing! Bring out the book in you!

InstantPublisher – book publisher helping authors self publish

Welcome to our new InstantPublisher blog.

InstantPublisher.com is a nationally recognized book-publishing company that has helped turn thousands of Authors’ dreams into reality over the past 10-years with quick affordable service and knowledgeable customer support representatives. With many different printing options to choose from and easy-to-follow, step- by-step instructions, there is no doubt why we are quickly becoming the #1 Book Publishing Service of today!

A few of the reasons InstantPublisher has been privileged to help so many authors be successful:

1. Fast Turnaround. Perfect bound B/W books with color cover shipped in as few
as 7-10 days.

2. Affordability. InstantPublisher simply cannot be beat in the short run book printing industry.

3. Ease of Use. With our easy-to-follow website tutorials on book setup and being able to accept all file formats, even rookie authors find it easy to self-publish with InstantPublisher!

4. Options. InstantPublisher offers a multitude of options to keep the savviest authors and designers satisfied. If you don’t see it listed on the website, just ask, because we can create a custom quote!

5. Customer Support. Once an InstantPublisher customer, always an InstantPublisher customer. We strive to help new authors self publish with InstantPublisher and make the file submission and order process as quick and painless as possible for veteran authors and designers who have very little time.

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