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self publish your book today

Self Publish!, a subsidiary of Fundcraft Publishing Company, book publisher for over 60 years, is now offering affordable book publishing services to individuals in quantities as little as 25 books. Instantpublisher's unique transfer software allows individuals to submit their books from any manuscript layout software they use. Learn how to self publish. Our software is easy to use. You may upload your PDF file(s). PDF Upload »

Much of the success of is sharing with authors how to self publish. We accept manuscripts straight from customer's desktop publishing programs, proof the book online, select book publishing options and publish the book quickly and affordably directly from our large book publishing facility. Book Printing »

Self publishing has come into play as one of the major alternatives out there for writers who want to publish a book. Book printing, subsidy publishing, self publishing, Manuals and Handbook printing are all specialties of IP. For more information on our many book printing options please see the self publishing page.


*Remember you set the timetable when you want to publish your book, when desiring to self publish. Self Publish is the way to publish. You can test the market with your new book title. You can reach top selling book stores and also, which is very popular, is to use Amazon. Many people buy books from self published authors who sell their books on-line. In summation, if you want to self publish, there is more potential profit for you to self publish.



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