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You Should Write a Book!Ghostwriting book self-publishing services

How many times have you heard that? Instant Publisher now offers a unique full-service ghostwriting package to convert the-idea-that-won’t-go-away into holding your own published book in your hands.

We provide the power of a seasoned ghostwriter with 76 books in 12 genres to her credit, as well as professional editing, the meticulousness of a final proofreading, and publishing your book. Let us take you from "You should write a book!" to being a published author.

Here’s how our ghostwriting service works. Once you have expressed an interest in our ghostwriting/printing services, our resident ghostwriter will contact you, either by e-mail or over the phone. You’ll discuss your idea and she’ll explain how the process works. Instant Publisher will send you a contract which you’ll need to sign and return with a deposit. Our ghostwriter will contact you to set up a mutually convenient time to answer any questions you have and set a date to begin working on your book.

You have full control of the content of your book at all times during the ghosting process. Once your book is laid out and is ready for publishing by Instant Publisher, in a few weeks you’ll be holding your own published book in your hands.

About the Ghostwriter

Alice H. Anderson is the full-time professional author of 76 books in 12 genres with several award-winning books to her credit. One was awarded a silver medal in a national competition; one was converted to a stage play and no, she cannot tell you the titles. (Ghostwriters know how to keep confidentiality!)