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Book publishing process banner, Inc. Warehousing & Fulfillment


Warehousing and fulfillment is not for everyone.  If your only selling a couple of books a month it will be better to store smaller quantities yourself and ship your books directly until you build your sales up.   

Account Setup:
Freight deposit (two months freight/postage): Subject to review based on expected volume.

Fixed Monthly Fees:
Storage (First title per 40”Wx48”Dx48”H pallet): $25.00/title/month
Additional titles $5.00 per title per month

Activity Based Fees:
For orders received via InstantPublishers On-Line Order Center, the charge is $4.00 to receive the order and
$0.20 per unit, plus shipping.
Fulfillment prices include receiving and processing the order, standard packaging, producing a label and packing slip.

For Books not printed by Instantpublisher receipt of inventory on 40”Wx48”Dx48”H pallet ($23 minimum per edition): $25 per pallet

Orders received by phone, fax, or email (surcharge): $5.00 each
Rush orders (surcharge): $10.00 each

Returns: Out rate
Shipping label (if more than 1 required): $0.45 each
Shipping documentation (if required): Additional
Account revisions in system (request in writing, w/ $10 minimum): $35 per hour

Foreign Orders: Double rate

Optional Insurance (per $1,000 of value per month, value determined by publisher):
Backorders: $0.95
*Real-time reports furnished via our on-line account management system and include activity, inventory, and backorder.

To set your InstantPublisher book up for warehousing simply select warehousing on the shipping page of your book order.  For books printed by other publishers please contact us with details. 

If you have any additional questions let us know.