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Title: For God so loved what world? Tithes the Jesus Seal Orderly Arrangement Vol II
Author: Lowell Ford, L.S.
Category: Religion & Spiritual, Reference, Self-Improvement
Price: $29.95
Language: English
Size: 8.5 x 11
Number of Pages: 243
ISBN Number: 2312
Publication Date: September 12, 2006

About this Book:

Volume II continues with Chapter 25 and completes the two Volume Discourse. It is like our Volume I in that it's so packed with 1611 A.D. King James Holy Bible truth. We won't attempt to outline it here. For the essence of both Volumes please read, at our Volume I Cover display. However, we will offer this to you: Kindly retrieve a $1 dollar paper bill from your wallet. Our Father God, the creator up in heaven is not asleep. He has not gone away. He watches over the affairs of all men with an all seeing eye, as depicted on our very own U.S. paper dollar bill. On the back you will see a pyramid, because on June 20, 1782 Congress approved the use of the pyramid on U.S. currency. Our founding fathers wanted to make it crystal clear that the strength of our nation of America is rooted and grounded in the Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The pyramid is symbolic of Strength and Endurance. The unfinished top of the pyramid indicates that there is more work to be done. And the "all seeing eye of God" on the pyramid top emphasizes that it is expedient to place Spiritual things above material things.

About the Author:

The words "ANNUIT COEPTIS" around the top of the seal mean that "God has favored our undertakings" NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM; written in Latin under the pyramid means, a new order of things, and signifies the freedom of the people to exercise self-government. The Roman Numerals at the bottom of the center of the pyramid remind us of the birth of the U.S.A. 1776. And last, but definitely not least; in the very center of our U.S.A. paper dollar bill are the immortal words; "IN GOD WE TRUST" For, God so loved what world?

Book Review:

At the age of 8 the author was exposed to Pentecostal "church of God" dogma by an ole fashioned fire and brimstone, Holy-roller, rolling down the "church" aisles, speaking in unknown tongues and interpreting while under the anointing of the Holy Ghost preacher. That preacher was my Dad John David Ford, Sr. Yours truly rejected that doctrine for many years; then about 31 years ago I became a new creature in Christ by being witnessed to about unknown tongues So, it's not stretching the truth at all to say that I am just age 39. Brother C.A. Chandler Spiritually reinforced me as the 2 of us would feast on the 1611 A.D. version of King James' Holy Bible, sometimes studying all night. John D. was also a coal, vegetable and fruit produce peddler. Yours truly was an expert salesman from the age of 8, selling and making money change off the tail-gate of John D's produce pick-up truck while dodging the swinging scales; Exactly in the same Henry Grady Hospital, “Sweet Auburn” Avenue, Butler Street area in Atlanta, Georgia, where Martin Luther King, Jr. was born. More later?

Order/Contact Info:

"The Jesus Seal Orderly Arrangement: For God so loved what world?" You may get volume I and/or volume II of this timely study guide for the 1611 A.D. “version” King James Holy Bible if you go to our email for information and send a donation of $29.95 USD + $5.00 USD postage for one volume: Or $50.00 USD+ $10.00 USD postage for both volumes. Study to show yourself approved, and your Spiritual satisfaction is guaranteed. Christ's Gospel, The Minutes of Truth and King James Holy Bible doctrine does not permit us to Collect tithes or a 10th The only support that we have is true believer's donations. If this discourse helps you Spiritually, donate to the cause, and if the response is great enough, The Minutes of Truth radio program may resurface: For to the chagrin and dismay of the Tares, Brother Samuel Ford still lives.

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