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Title: For God so loved what world? Tithes the Jesus Seal Orderly Arrangement Vol I
Author: Lowell Ford, L.S.
Category: Religion & Spiritual, Reference, Self-Improvement
Price: $29.95
Language: English
Size: 8.5 x 11
Number of Pages: 244
ISBN Number: 1778
Publication Date: August 16, 2006

About this Book:

For 25-plus years Brother Samuel Ford offered first his $1,000.00 CHALLENGE: And then raised it to $2,000.00 on his Holy Spirit filled radio program, "The Minutes of Truth": To anyone on God's earth that could bring just one (1) solitary verse of King James Holy Bible; Proving that either: John the baptist (The baptiz-er) or Jesus Christ The Messiah or The Apostle Paul; (Who is credited with writing many of the New Testament letters/books): Ever, Ever COLLECTED or paid tithe(s) or a 10th: Or that either of the 3 Ever, Ever taught anyone else to COLLECT or pay tithe(s) and/or a 10th! According to John 1:16>17, Romans 6:14 and Romans 8: 2, etc. We have arrived in another century and still, no one has ever presented that 1 documented little verse of elusive Holy writ. If you have it, trot it on out here and let's have a look at it.

About the Author:

The author was reared by the old fashioned Holy Spirit filled Pentecostal "church of God" Fire baptized "Holy Roller" preacher, John David Ford, Sr. And greatly influenced by Brother C.A. Chandler, a former Superintendent and overseer of the southern region of the Pentecostal "church of God" But from my childhood, I never was, and am Not; a "Holy Roller" They shed their "rev" titles and are simply referred to as Brothers in Christ. Those 2 Great men of God have both gone on to their just reward, and I, I belong to the church that Jesus died and shed his Precious blood for. What church do you belong to?

Book Review:

Our book: Tithes: The Jesus Seal Orderly Arrangement For God so loved what world? Actually consists of 2 Volumes, For it's so packed with Holy Bible truth and is unlike any other 1611 A.D. King James Holy Bible guide-book that you have ever read. The total Discourse continues with Chapter 25 in our Volume II Be forewarned Volume II may frustrate, agitate, and send the religionist Tares' heads spinning even more than our Volume I It will indeed, turn their smug 21st century religionist Tare's world upside down! In fact, if you don't want to be excommunicated from your organized religion religionist world "church" building You best leave it alone. However, if you will yield your own stubborn spirit to the Holy Ghost and let Him enlighten, illuminate, Guide, Teach and Witness to you, Then please go ahead and order your copy.

Order/Contact Info:

You may get volume I and/or volume II of this enlightening study guide for the 1611 A.D. “version” King James Holy Bible if you go to our email for information on where to: Send a donation of $29.95 USD + $5.00 USD postage for one volume: Send a donation of $50.00 USD+ $10.00 USD postage for both volumes. Study to show yourself approved and your Spiritual satisfaction is guaranteed. The Minutes of Truth Jesus Christ's doctrine and the King James Holy Bible does not permit us to Collect a 10th and name it tithes. The only support that we have is true believer's donations. If this discourse helps you Spiritually, donate to the cause, and if the response is great enough, The Minutes of Truth radio program may resurface: For to the chagrin and dismay of the Tares, Brother Samuel Ford still lives.

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