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Title: Vital Signs of Recovery
Author: Linda Rudder
Category: Religion & Spiritual, Nonfiction, Self-Improvement
Price: $11.85
Language: English
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Number of Pages: 93
ISBN Number: 978-1-60458-247-5
Publication Date: May 2008

About this Book:

I was “Released on my own Recognizance,” so to speak, on July 6, 1957. It seems I began running up an insurmountable emotional debt almost immediately upon my arrival. I tried to coerce everyone in my life into making the payments. Imagine, if you will, the proverbial beggar. In a tattered, dirty overcoat, tin cup in outstretched hand, dark glasses perched on a forlorn weathered face- the epitome of desperation. Now, try to mentally impinge the frame of a five-year-old little girl who’s curly blond ringlets fall around a face housing big brown eyes, hidden behind the dark oversized glasses. The coat hangs like a drape, while a chubby hand barely emerges from the wrinkles of too-long sleeves, which pile around the cup it clutches. That was me…no less pathetic, contrived in charm, and much more effective in getting my cup filled to a sometimes overflow of imposed upon compassion. However, when filled, it was never enough and when it overflowed, it was always wasted. My approval addiction

About the Author:

Linda K. Rudder was born on July 6, 1957 in Memphis, Tennessee. As a child, her family traveled from one place to the next. The constant exchange between schools and peer groups, as she was tossed to and fro among all things stable, her vulnerability became deep-rooted in seeking acceptance and security from infamous sources. Two abusive husbands drove her to a state of helplessness and desperation. Rejection slowly suffocated her already emotionally-scarred life. In a dysfunctional condition, she turned to alcohol to drown the pain. Multiple run-ins with the Law, a horrifying accident, overbearing fines, not to mention a battered reputation, ensnared her in the confines of her self-imposed tribulation, suffering, and persecution. Recovery from self became the necessary commencement.

Book Review:

Linda K. Rudder is tenacious in this prolific writing debut. She reaches out to all those who suffer from any form of addiction. It is her belief, that either a physical addiction or some psychological dependency enslaves everyone on this planet. Here, it is appraised as anything we "use" to detract ourselves from our spiritual aptitude. In Vital Signs of Recovery, the author does not convey any new information, but the reader will find much that is generally not applied. This pathological examination delves into the crevices of morbid reflection and filters the negative inner voice through her God conscience. The result is an outpouring of realized truth that only Christ's atonement on the cross could instill. Her heartfelt journey begins in a mind convinced beyond deception and led obediently to a position of kneeling. From this seat, she shares what God has sufficiently substituted for the empty void created by an assiduous inventory of self. May you find Him now.

Order/Contact Info:

To order a copy of this book online, please visit my web site If this book has been helpful in your “recovery from self” process, I would like to hear from you. E-mail me: Everything created is a solution to some situation, person place or thing. I pray Vital Signs Of Recovery will offer direction toward a solution for you. At the very least it offers a breathtaking view of God’s grace!

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