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How It Works: is unique in that we offer all types of affordable book publishing options to individuals, everything from color hardback books down to standard black and white perfect bound books. We accept your manuscripts from your desktop publishing software through our own unique software that gives you the ability to proof your document online before we send the book to press. This insures that your book will be printed exactly like you want.

Two Easy Steps

Step #1. You need to open a free account. Your account will give you free space on our server to proof your books. The account does not obligate you in anyway. It only assures you that your book will be secure and in safe storage when loaded to our server.

Step #2. Download our free software. This software is composed of two pieces: (a print driver which will allow you to print from your application directly to your account area opened in step 1 above, and (b) A viewer which will allow you to view your documents after they have been downloaded into your account. Again, you are not obligated in anyway.

When the download is complete, you are free to upload your documents to at anytime. To start an upload, make your internet connection, open your document in your favorite desktop publishing software, select the print option within your software, select printer, and our print driver software will take the upload, compressing and encrypting your data and sending it to your secure account at our server.

When the upload is complete, your browser will display a summary of your documents in your account area, allowing you to display any of your documents and/or proceed with an order. When you start an order process, you will be prompted to enter quantity of books, cover and binding options and will be given a firm price for the production of your order. You are free to modify your options, obtaining a current price update as many times as you wish. When you are ready to proceed with your order, you will be directed to our secure commerce site, where you will supply your payment and shipping information.

Please remember that we print your book exactly as submitted, so the text page sizes have to meet the layout templates for the size of book you want to order. It is recommended that you print a copy of our text template and cover template and overlay your material just to make sure you set the material with the correct margins. If your work is not within the specs of the template, it will be necessary for you to correct the problem and re-upload your material. We also have free Microsoft Word templates available for download for each book size which you can use to compose your work if you have not already started. The use of these templates will ensure that your margins and page sizes are within set publishing requirements. Also, the cover design has to match our cover template. cannot make any size or copy changes to your material. Full color covers are optionally available, but all content pages are printed in black ink only unless the color option is chosen.

The viewer will help you complete your book order online with various print and binding options. If changes to your text are to be made after your manuscript is loaded to our web site, you have to correct the book on your computer and reload to our site. stands behind the quality of our work with complete satisfaction guaranteed to each customer. Each book will be printed exactly to your specifications from your files or we will refund the price of your questions asked.

System Requirements:

** Any computer capable of running Microsoft Windows based computer, version Windows 95 or higher or Mac running OS9 - OSX

** A connection to the internet

**Your desktop publishing software of choice, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Corel, WordPerfect, Note Pad, WordPad – generally any program that you can print to your printer and adjust margins. Please remember that graphics will print only as good as your laser printer if embedded within the text.


You can also select how you want your order shipped and the price will be computed from a stored table for UPS, FedEx and truck. All of our orders are shipped by either UPS, FedEx, or truck, depending on the size of the order. FedEx can be requested if next day delivery is necessary. We will give you an estimate of charges at the time the order is placed. Actual shipping charges will be added to your final payment when the order is shipped. As soon as your order is shipped, you can check your personal account area on our web site and find the exact shipping charges.


Unless you have been approved as a Corporate Account (see below) orders must be paid via MasterCard or Visa. Our secure server guarantees that your card information is encrypted so that it will be safe. One-half of the amount is due at the time the order is processed and is automatically charged against your credit card. The remainder of the balance is charged against your card when the order is shipped. If there is a problem with credit approval at the time your order is shipped, you will be notified and your order will be held until the problem is resolved.

Corporate Account

If you are a business, you may be eligible for a Corporate Account. As a Corporate customer, you would have an open credit account, giving you 30 days from the date the order is shipped before payment is due. Corporate members will receive a statement by e-mail and payment can be made by Mastercard , Visa or by company check. Click here to apply for a Corporate Account.

book publishing

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