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About Us is the short-run book publisher division of Fundcraft Publishing Company, the world's largest personalized cookbook publisher. Fundcraft started as a small publishing house in eastern Kansas in the early 30's specializing in short-run custom cookbooks for groups and organizations across the country. Today, Fundcraft ships millions of personalized cookbooks each year to every state.

The success of's book printing is directly related to our ability to accept manuscripts straight from customer's desktop publishing programs proof the book online, select book publishing options and publish the book quickly and affordably directly from our large book publishing facility - all from the ease of a home or office computer.

Short-run book publishing is usually 200 to 5000 books however, will be offering a minimum of just 25 books. Authors can receive a small number of quality produced books to keep, send to bookstores or large publishing houses directly from a professional book publisher.'s book sizes and styles conform to the book publisher industry standards with high quality paper and materials with various binding options.

Another factor in the success of is directly related to the success of our customers whose books we produce. A large percentage of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals. has printed thousands of titles, including fiction, religious, poetry, how-to books, local histories as well as books and manuals for companies and organizations.

Self-publishing has become one of the fastest growing segments of the publishing industry. The best authors may not initially be published by a large publishing house but after the book is printed and distributed in published form by a professional book publisher, unknown authors can enter into large publishing contracts. Unless an author is nationally known or has a manuscript with almost certain sales potential and definite outlet, a publishing house may hesitate to publish a book title.

Now, any person who writes a book can design the cover and text pages in any Microsoft Windows or Mac based program and with the use of the free software, talents and equipment of can be used to test the book's sales potential by self publishing in small quantities. will help sell your book by listing the first 20 pages of the publication on Many bookstores, large publishing houses, publishing companies and book brokers visit our site to view the new titles. If there is an interest in your book, you will be notified and can make the deal, only wants to help, this service is free to all of our customers. is a publishing company that specializes in both one-color and full color printing in four popular book sizes 41/4 x 7; 5 ½" x 8 ½" ; 6" x 9" ; and 8 ½" x 11". Seven different binding styles are available and your cover design can be either full color or one color. All covers have liquid lamination, UV Coating to give a professional appearance to the book at no additional cost. With an extra $0.25/book cost, you can optionally select plastic lamination for your cover finishing. does not buy any manuscripts outright, we pay no royalties, we do not market or distribute your books except for free listings on our web site. Authors pay the entire cost to publish a book. Authors have complete design control over the text, cover and binding style. does not set any type or compose any pages. The finished copies, the copyright and all subsidiary rights belong exclusively to the author. can provide an ISBN number for your book for an additional charge.

Publish a book with Instantpublisher and move away from desktop publishing and short run royalty publishers that keep most or your profit and see why so many of our customers rave about the quality, price and speed of our book publishing services.

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