5 Tips for Self-Publishing a Multi-Author Anthology

Multi-author anthologies can be a great way for readers to try new authors and for authors to work together to create a work of art that would be impossible to complete alone. Additionally, multi-author anthologies can use more resources, whether social media or advertising investment, to help them succeed.

However, creating a multi-author anthology can be complex. Here are five tips for success. Continue reading

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Book?

Everyone has a book inside of them, but not everyone has the time and money to bring that book to fruition. There are many costs involved in making a book ranging from the cost of educating an author on how to write to the costs of printing a book. Writers who publish through a traditional publisher usually have lower initial costs but then split their profits with the publisher. Many authors prefer self-publishing, where the author pays all the expenses of printing a book but earns all the profits from book sales.

Every book has different needs, which will ultimately determine the costs of self-publishing. Continue reading