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3 Reasons to Self-Publish With a Vanity Press

There are many choices when it comes to self-publishing a book. Using a vanity press allows the most author control. Here are three reasons authors should consider self-publishing a book with a vanity press.

Warehouse of self-published books from a vanity press

1. Control of Distribution

A vanity press prints and binds a book for an author and sends copies of the book to the author. Some vanity presses offer direct mailing services to clients where copies of their book can be mailed to a list the author provides, often called direct mailing.

This means the author has complete control of where their books are sold. This is especially useful if the author creates the book as an exclusive item to sell with other services such as a workbook at a conference.

Limited distribution is also essential if the author intends their book for a small and specific audience, such as a family history book, classroom anthology, or a collection of sermons specifically made for parishioners of a specific church.

An author might also do a short-run book printing of exclusive books intended for collectors.

There are many reasons an author might want complete control over the distribution of their book and for that, a vanity press is the best self-publishing choice.

2. Content

Traditional publishers are highly selective about the books they publish. Many self-publishing services restrict content, particularly if they have direct contracts with distributors.

Vanity presses don’t control the content of the books they print. In fact, most vanity presses have software and automation in place that limits what employees can see of the book’s contents.

This is ideal for people printing sensitive content such as employee handbooks that include trade secrets.

Additionally, writers can print books expressing political or religious opinions that fall outside mainstream viewpoints.

3. Anonymity

Vanity presses have measures in place to protect an author’s identity. In addition, self-publishing services tied into distribution companies often require social security numbers and other sensitive information for tax purposes.

A vanity press sells a print version of a book to an author. They don’t keep sensitive personal information about the writers who self-publish using their services.

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