self publish,self publishing,book publishing company
self publish,self publishing,book publishing company
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Printing in Color

If your book contains color photos, all you do is select color printing and tell us how many pages are in color during the order process. Please remember that with color you will generate a very large file. A broadband internet connection (fast connection) is necessary due to the size of the file.

Color book printing is a little more difficult in setting up your book files, as you will need to make sure the images you will be using are 300 dpi in resolution.

Four Types of Paper—

We offer Four types of paper for color printing— the 80# Lustro High Gloss Enamel paper, 80# White Matte paper (dull, non-glossy), 100# Lustro High Gloss Enamel paper and the C2S card stock. The 80# paper is the standard paper for color print, but customers wanting a little thicker paper can choose the 100# paper. For the ultimate thickness, C2S Card stock is available, but this option is only available for spiral types of bindings.


Already an industry leader in Print On Demand services for black and white printing, InstantPublisher is one of the first POD publishers to offer full color book publishing at a reasonable cost. This innovative process allows authors to add full color photos to their text pages or have full color on every page.

Schools can design their own annuals in full color, load to the InstantPublisherColor site and have professionally printed annuals at a very reasonable price with a turn-around from 10-15 days.

Families can design their own photo albums, color and black and white, load to the site and actually have a photo album for each member of the family, less expensively than having reprints made by a photofinisher. Authors can write and design children's books in full color and bound for professional sales.

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Keep in mind that printing in color has some inherent differences from black and white printing.

Color Book Printing from Black and White—
     color book printing
First... The color files you will be uploading will contain much more information and will be much larger. A fast Internet connection is absolutely essential for the successful implementation of this process. A broadband Internet Connection, such as DSL, cable or satellite is required. [256 kbit/s or higher]

     color book printingSecond... Although you will find that our process is very economical when compared with other printers. Color printing is still more expensive than black and white. You can use the handy pricing calculator on our site to give you an exact estimate of your publishing costs.

     color book printingThird... Although it is possible to compose effective documents containing color images with a standard word processing program such as Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect, use of a higher end layout software such as Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress will produce higher quality results.

Publishing a Book with Some Color Pages—
*If you want to publish a book with some color pages, please make sure all grey images in your book are true grayscale images. Otherwise, an additional charge will occur. Use our handy pricing calculator for an exact estimate, before book printing begins.

  has been in the book publishing business for a decade with over 100,000 book titles produced in our warehouse, which is located right outside Memphis, Tennessee. We have helped thousands of new authors become self publishers.

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