self publish,self publishing,book publishing company
self publish,self publishing,book publishing company
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Book Sizes

We offer four standard page book sizes:
   book sizes to self publish
4¼" x 7"
   book sizes to self publish
5½" x 8½"
   book sizes to self publish
6" x 9"
   book sizes to self publish
8½" x 11"
   book sizes to self publish
8" x 10.75" Hardcover/ Casebound*
*For Hardcover/Casebound Books.

Resizing Video

The 6" x 9" size will always be undersized. We have clearly marked the page size with templates for each book size.
Cover templates are also available for the type of binding you select. We recommend .75” left and right and .7” for top and bottom margins for each book size.

Custom Sizes and Bleeds
Custom sizes and bleeds are available. You will be charged for the next size up on the pricing calculator and an additional $.10 cutting fee for bleeds and non-standard sizes. You will be responsible for layout of your special size templates that are only offered for standard sizes.


Custom Size:
Final Trim Size if the book will need to be trimmed to a custom size that is smaller than the standard book size. For instance, to order a 5"x8" book, you will need to select 5.5"x8.5" for the book size, then enter 5"x8" in the final trim size.

*For more information and pricing, visit our Pricing Information page.


self publishing guide and sample book image




Book with Bleeds: In book printing, if the book has full bleed inside pages, please select one-size up as your book size, then enter Final Trim Size here. For instance, if you want to have the final book trimmed at 5.5"x8.5", but you also have some full bleed pages, you will need to select 6"x9" as your book size, then enter 5.5"x8.5" here as Final Trim Size. For more information, go to Pricing Information before publishing your book.

Special Size Order: $0.25 per book up to 250 copies and $0.10 per book after that.

With book printing, landscaped books are only available in sizes up to 6x9 in perfect binding. Landscaped books that are larger than 6x9 can be spiral bound at smaller quantities. Landscaped books that are larger than 6x9 and are perfect bound will have a minimum order of 500 copies due to the extra larger cover size.

*NOTE: Hardback books are not available in landscape format.

Video 'Resizing Document in Word' Tutorial from InstantPublisher— [ 1:58 ]
(How to size your manuscript to InstantPublisher specifications.) has been in the book publishing business for a decade with over 100,000 book titles produced in our warehouse, which is located right outside Memphis, Tennessee. We have helped thousands of new authors become self publishers.

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